Pope Urban VIII

So, when I first put the hymnbooks together I typed up Creator Alme Siderum out of the Liber Usualis. I picked the translation beginning “Bright builder of the heav’nly poles” - I can’t remember why, as my favourite is Caswall’s with the line “when friends shall fail and foes combine”. These translations match the Urban VIII text, which is what I had, so all was good.

Then, as music at the Maternal Heart was going all Monastic/Benedictine, I changed the text to the pre Urban VIII version, but I didn’t change the translation - so the Latin and English didn’t really match that well.

Now I’m making vocab lists and trying to match the Latin word for word, it would be better to have a more literal translation. Particularly verse 3 with its reference to the line from the Psalms - processus de thalamo suo - I know it’s in the Psalms somewhere.

Sometimes the Urban VIII changes don’t make much difference, but in this case they really do, so now I need to change the English translation and I’ll go with J M Neale’s text. Which makes a second revision to the Fourth Edition of A New Book of Old Hymns. (The first revision changed the chant Christus Vincit).

Now to update the files at Selz, Lulu, Createspace - anywhere else?

Or should I make a new edition?