I realise as soon as I typed that title, that I am inviting life to rear up at me and complicate my plans, but I feel I have turned a corner.

There is a bit of a structure forming about the project. It is coming together, slowly but surely.

The weekly lesson plans are a good framework - choosing 40 hymns to highlight. Even if I only do those, it is still an impressive collection (if I do say so myself)

I can see in my own children, that the process of joining the dots, so to speak, between the Latin they speak and sing and the translations, is gradually coming along. The crosswords and quizlet live sessions help encourage them. It may not be a complete Latin course, but it is a good supplement.

I am learning bits and pieces with each vocab list. Wiktionary is my best friend there, though there are other helpful websites. Although carving out time for my plans to work through D’Ooge’s Elements of Latin is not working, I have motivation to keep going with this material for A New Book of Old Hymns.

Hope someone finds it helpful. Even if it remains hidden, it has helped my family to some extent.

God be praised forever.