I have just published:

This is my favourite first year Latin textbook with answer key!

When we were studying Latin with CLAA I found out about the declension order thing and other bits about how Latin is taught. I found that it wasn’t totally my fault that I couldn’t understand the textbooks I had inherited from my mother and mother-in-law and that there are so many public domain resources out there for learning latin!

So, it was all a bit overwhelming.

I made this list midway through last year.

Ora Maritima was sort of fun, but doing the exercises without an answer key was sort of disheartening, as was convincing anyone else to pool their ignorance with me. It also gave rules which I found were perhaps not really that useful - they may have applied to specific times and writers, but that was not explained.

I got further with Elements of Latin - and I’m not the only one. This Teacher has made printouts and quizzes for each lesson.

So you could go from his page, or you could buy your own copy from me via Lulu. Or both!

Every now and then Lulu has discounts - log in and check their front page.

I’m not sure, but maybe I can incorporate references between this text and different grammatical features in the hymns here. If I link to teach-and-learn-latin.org as well as page references then that should cover both those with and without the textbook.