Here goes!

Salve Regina is a well known hymn. I thought it would be a good one to start with, as it is well known, plus I taught it to a group of homeschoolers back in 2014.

So, here's a list of things you should be able to find on the Salve Regina page.

  • An excerpt from the hymnbook
  • A quizlet set which you can use to learn the vocabulary
  • A link to a youtube video with a professional choir - should I make that an embed so that you don't have to click into the youtube website? An embed should avoid some advertising.
  • A new quick mp3 podcast - I could turn this into a video and use that to replace the other youtube link - would a video version help?
  • A crossword puzzle - plus the Old Salve Files have three graded crossword puzzles.
  • A memrise course - Memrise is a handy thing and the free level is fine for learning stuff. For third party memrise courses like mine, you need to log in and add them to your account in a web browser, then they're available through the app. You can't search for it through the app itself.
  • Scrolling to the bottom of the page there's a quiz, adapted from the Old Salve Files, which should show a video of me saying congratulations if you get a good score.
  • Just under the quiz is a link to a pdf Certificate which I put together for the 2014 class, and which I cannot remember how I produced, so if that's a really useful thing, then I will need to put on my thinking cap again.

So, that's lots of stuff!

Please let me know which bits are useful. I don't think I can do all those different things for every hymn, so I'd like to focus on what parents and students find helpful.