So, turns out after all the preparation for this video, I’ve already made a Hymn of the Week video for Ave Verum last September. But this new video is different.

I was thinking about making more prepared videos with younger audiences in mind. I trawled through some of the museums offering public domain artwork for illustrations of the Crucifixion.

Looking through another Corpus Christi hymn, Adoro te devote, I noticed that each verse is a new scene, which could be illustrated. If I were to be teaching this to younger singers, I would take each verse separately. There’s the doubting Thomas, the penitent thief, the blessed Pelican! All very rich topics for talking about.

At the back of my mind, there’s the idea of making another online course, like my Little Office Course. It’s been going really well - possibly a result of renewed Marian devotion for the month of May. A complete collection of recordings going through A New Book of Old Hymns would be great. Making a set of mp3 recordings would be good, and could be sold as a download through gumroad rather than having to co-ordinate videos. A video course would be good though. Lots of possibilities.

Finding the time and peace to make headway is an issue though.

Happy Month of the Sacred Heart!