Five part round.

Attributed to Michael Praetorius.

Jubilate Deo omnis terra, psallite in laetitia.

Jubilate Deo omnis terra, psallite in laetitia.

Rejoice {in God} all earth {sing a psalm} in joy

Rejoice in God, all the earth. Sing a psalm with joy.

This is such a short example I have ventured into conjugations for the Quizlet set. Here are the two verbs - jubilo, jubilare (1st conjugation) and psallo, psallire (3rd conjugation).

The Present Indicative Active

jubilo I rejoice jubilamus we rejoice
jubilas thou rejoicest jubilatis ye rejoice
jubilat he/she/it rejoices jubilant they rejoice
psallo I sing a psalm psallimus we sing a psalm
psallis thou singest a psalm psallitis ye sing a psalm
psallit he/she/it sings a psalm psallunt they sing a psalm

And the Imperative - very handy in hymns

jubila rejoice thou jubilate rejoice ye
psalle sing thou a psalm psallite sing ye a psalm

These changes in endings are called Inflection which is from the Latin for bending.

If you’re following along with the Catholic’s Latin Instructor, this sort of detail is in the Grammar in the middle of the book.