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A collection of hymns focusing on chant, including a litany, rounds, antiphons, carols, for all seasons of the Church’s year, plus Ordinaries of the Mass, Benediction and some English hymns. Chant is newly typeset, not photocopied. English translations accompany each Latin hymn. Indexed for easy reference.

This Fourth Edition updates the Prayer for the Pope with a new illustration of Pope Francis as well as lots of little improvements including the addition of a popular setting of Christus Vincit.


Prayer for our Pope
Oremus pro Pontifice nostro
  • Conditor alme siderum / Bright builder of the heav’nly poles,
  • Veni, O Sapientia / O come, Thou Wisdom from on high (better known as O come, O come Emmanuel) in two part harmony
  • Rorate caeli / Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above
  • Gaudete / Rejoice (4 parts: SATB)
  • Adeste, fideles / O come all ye faithful
  • Puer natus / A boy is born in Bethlehem
Holy Name
  • Jesu dulcis memoria / Jesus, the very thought of Thee
  • Non nobis, Domine / Not unto us, Lord (a round)
  • Laudate nomen Domini / Praise the name of the Lord (a round)
  • Lumen ad revelationem gentium / A light of revelation to the gentiles
  • Attende Domine / Hear, O Lord
  • Parce Domine / Spare, Lord
  • Gloria, laus / All glory, laud and honour
  • Vexilla Regis / Abroad the regal banners fly
  • O Sacred Head sore wounded (just English)
  • Ubi caritas / Where love is true
  • Pange lingua / Sing, my tongue, the Saviour’s glory
  • Stabat Mater / At the Cross her station keeping
  • Crux fidelis / Faithful cross (with Pange Lingua, gloriosi Lauream / Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle)
  • Haec dies / This is the day that the Lord hath made
  • Jubilate Deo / Rejoice in God (a round by Praetorius)
  • O filii et filiae / O sons and daughters
  • Alleluia from Lauds of Easter Saturday
  • Victimae paschali laudes / To the Paschal Victim and Bring, all ye dear-bought nations
  • Salve festa dies / Hail festal day
  • Veni Sancte Spiritus / Holy Spirit, Lord of light
  • Veni Creator / Come Holy Ghost
Corpus Christi
  • Adoro te devote / Godhead here in hiding
  • Soul of my Saviour / Anima Christi (text only)
  • Sacris solemniis / To the sacred feast
  • Sweet Sacrament (English only)
  • Ave verum / Hail to Thee, true Body
Sacred Heart
  • To Jesus’ Heart (English only)
  • Cor Jesu Sacratissimum / Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Precious Blood
  • Glory be to Jesus (English only)
Christ the King
  • Christus vincit / Christ conquers (chant version from Percy Jones’ Pius X Hymnbook plus a simple 4 part chorus)
  • Thee, O Christ (English only)
All Saints
  • Iste Confessor / This is the day
  • Corda pia inflammantur / Godly hearts are inflamed (hymn in honour of St Francis)
All Souls
  • Dies irae / That day of wrath
  • Requiem aeternam / Eternal rest
  • Ave Maria / Hail Mary
  • Ave Maria / Hail Mary (a round)
  • Sub tuum praesidium
  • Marian Antiphons - simple roman tone
  • Stella Splendens / Bright star on the mountain (2 parts)
  • Litany of Loreto
  • Ave maris stella / Ave, star of ocean
  • Virgo Dei Genitrix / Virgin Mother of God
For Peace
  • Dona nobis pacem / Grant us peace (a round)
  • Da pacem Domine / Give peace (chant and a round)
Plus the Te Deum (simple Roman), Missa Orbis Factor, Credo 1 and Benediction
Te Deum, Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Credo, O Salutaris, Tantum Ergo, Adoremus