Long, long ago, I put together a little hymnbook with all the Gregorian Chant I was hearing at Mass along with English translations. It would bug me that you would need to join the choir and buy expensive Libers in order to sing along to these beautiful melodies. Also it seemed very unfair that in some cases there were no translations available.

In the process I learned a lot about Gregorian Chant, reading square notes and even some Latin. When I excitedly showed my book to other people, many were dismayed as they did not yet know much about reading square notes, so the music was effectively still locked up. The people who were fortunate enough to attend the same amazing parish had heard the music, but that still left many out in the cold.

So, finally I am making recordings to support the book. It's early days yet, but here's hoping this helps.

You may be surprised to learn this episode is in fact edited down a fair bit - there's a good sprinkling of interruptions here and there. Maybe next episode will be a night time recording.

This episode covers:

You can get the book printed from Lulu or download from github or Selz.